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Outerwear: The New Statement Piece

With this sudden cold weather that hit the East Coast after an unseasonably warm fall, I think there’s no time like the present to address outerwear. I went to school in New England and looking cute in my coat was my last thought when I had to walk to class in 30 degree weather. Now that I work in the city though, my whole outlook has changed. From early spring to at least early October Fashion Avenue is a runway. You can spot all of the trends of the season just by taking five minutes to grab a caramel machiatto at Starbucks. Then it gets cold and its seems like all the fun is over.

In all actuality, this is where a totally new type of fun begins. You start to see people make a statement with their outerwear. Whether it’s a fur vest layered over a leather jacket or a bright coat with a vibrant scarf, people are simply saying no to looking like a complete marshmallow through the fall and winter. Now don’t get me wrong there is a certain temperature where a down jacket that touches to your ankles is a need and a must, but don’t fall into trap of wearing it everyday. On those 40 or 50 degree days try some of these looks on for size!

Faux Fur Vest & Leather Jacket

Layer a faux fur vest over a leather jacket and you’ll immediately have the perfect easy going look!

Leather Jacket: $58.00- Lulu’s
Faux Fur Vest: $69.99- Urban Outfitters

Shaggy Faux Fur Jacket

Maybe you’re feeling glamorous! Try layering a turtleneck under a faux fur jacket. Throw on a wool fedora and some leather gloves and you’ll be good to go.

Wool Fedora: $17.95- H & M
Leather Gloves: $24.95 – H & M
Turtleneck: $12.95- H & M
Faux Fur Jacket: $99.00- H & M

Houndstooth Jacket

Personally, I feel like as far as prints are concerned there is nothing more classic than houndstooth. Try pairing it a brightly colored scarf and a fun floppy hat to spice it up a little.

Houndstooth Jacket: $37.80- Forever 21
Floppy Hat: $18.80- Forever 21
Knit Fringed Scarf: $8.80- Forever 21

Faux Fur Animal Print Coat

If you feel like channeling an old Hollywood starlet a faux fur leopard print coat with a pair of cat eye sunglasses is the perfect way to do it.

Faux Leopard Print Coat- $114.00- Tobi
Cat Eye Sunglasses- $17.59- ASOS

Don’t let the change in weather stop you from letting your inner fashionista shine! Use your outwear to express yourself. These are just a few of the number of ways you can do it.

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