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Black Friday: The Dos and Don’ts


I will preface this whole post by saying Black Friday does not give me the same joy that it gives others. Long lines, crowds, and over excited shoppers annoy me and make me irritable. That being said, though I hate every moment of it, I do shop. Every year. So I am going to give you a list of my personal do and don’ts.

Don’t Wake Up At The Crack of Dawn


I will admit the Black Friday sales are pretty impressive, but those “doorbuster” sales that have you in the line waiting to get into the stores at midnight are not worth it when it comes to clothing. If you’re buying a flat screen TV, then maybe, but riding boots or a handbag? How big of a discount are you getting? Is it practically free? Probably not.  There is not a single item of clothing on this earth that is worth waking up before the sun rises. Nothing. I love clothes. So if I am saying it believe me it’s true. I guarantee you will not be missing anything.  Sleep in! Don’t go too crazy though, we all know those lines are insane at a certain point in the day. You’re going to have a long day of standing and waiting for incredible periods of time so you will want to get a full nights rest.

Do Bring a Friend


Remember those lines I mentioned? You’ll want to have a friend with you while you wait in them. Personally I like to shop alone most of the time, but the one day of the year that I like to always have company is on Black Friday. During those long wait times gossip and laughter is the best way to go. Trust me, don’t go alone!

Don’t Force It 


When you pick up that sweater that is 75% off. Ask yourself one question. Would I still buy it if it weren’t on sale? If the answer is no, put that sweater down and keep digging. From personal experience I have noticed that a lot of the time when something is on sale it seems more appealing. I bring it home excited about my most recent steal and then I never wear it! Just because something is on sale it does not make it cute. Don’t force it, I promise you that there is plenty more to choose from. At the end of the day, if the sweater is $89.99 or $21.99 you will still be wasting money if you end up not wearing it.

Do Look For Deals 


Handbags, boots, pumps, outwear…this is where your head should be. I am not saying you can’t throw in a few bargain pieces, but you should use the obscene sales to your advantage. This is the best time to focus on big ticket items. You’re not necessarily getting the handbag of the season on sale on Black Friday, but you can find some pretty adorable pieces at a pretty awesome price too. This is also your perfect time to get a pair of quality boots or a winter coat. Think about it, it’s November, which means you have December, January, February, most of March, and sometimes parts of April to wear them. Black Friday is a day to go big or go home.

Don’t Go and Complain 


This is a lesson I always need to remind myself. I’m from Jersey so statements like ”This is ridiculous” or “We’ve been waiting in line forever, what in the world are they doing up there sewing the clothes themselves?!” or the generic “Really, are you kidding me?” can often be heard. Did the people working the registers force you to come out to shop? No. You knew what you were in for so what’s the point of complaining? It makes the experience miserable for you and everyone around you. 

Hopefully you keep my dos and don’ts in mind during your Black Friday adventures. Happy Shopping!

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