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Girls Night Out: Vol.1

Happy Monday! So, the weekend is over and it is back to work or class. Maybe Saturday night you went out wearing a dress or a skirt. Waited in line to get into the hottest club in town. Looked hot hot hot, but froze your buns off.

The truth of the matter of it is, it’s cold out there. Does that mean you stay in? No, you’re not a bear and as you much as you may like to you do not hibernate through the winter. Social life shouldn’t stop for cold weather. It just means making adjustments to what you wear.

I’ll admit that I am one of those girls that likes to wear a skirt or dress when I go out, but every night doesn’t call for this. I’m the ultimate girly girl, but I can tell you that jeans and a cute top could really be all you need.

It is all about making sure that your outfit pops. Whether you’re wearing an open back top, a  pair of jeans with an adorable print, or simply a chic pair of shoes. You don’t need to suffer through the cold to look fab every single time. Here are a few of my ideas. 

Body Suit & Jeans 
bodysuit If you’re the type of girl who isn’t afraid to show a little skin this bodysuit, with a deep mesh plunge is perfect for you. Pair it with black skinnies, sparkly pointed pumps, and statement drop earrings.  For the full dramatic effect, makes sure to pull your hair up and put on some dark lipstick. This will really put the look over the edge. 

Top: $48.00- American Appare
Jeans: $39.00- H&M 
Pointed pumps: $96.00- Topshop 
Earring: $28.00- Top Shop 
Lipstick- $15.00- MAC 

Print Blazer & Leather Pants Photobucket
I love the idea of mixing floral prints with leather. Try wearing a print blazer with pair of leather pants. Throw on some sky high six inch pumps and a spikey gold necklace to turn some heads. 

Floral Print Blazer: $78.00- Tobi 
Leather Pants: $39.58- Asos 
Pumps: $42.00- Lulus  
Necklace:$24.00- Urban Outfitters 

Crop Top & High-Waisted Pant Photobucket
There was a brief period of time where many girls, myself included, were going out with our entire stomach hanging out. While nothing is wrong with that, I do like that we have gone in the direction of wearing a slightly more subtle look. You can show less and still be sexy. Try wearing a tight crop top with a pair of high-waisted metallic pants. You will be showing just enough and getting just enough attention.

Crop Top-$24.00- American Apparel 
Forever 21- $19.80- Forever 21
Booties: $66.00- Lulus 
Earrings- $30.00- Topshop 

Print Jeans & Backless Top Photobucket
I’ve been obsessed with print pants this season and actually have the pants used in this look. Try wearing these print pants with a backless top and bright blue suede pumps. You don’t even really need accessories these paints speak for themselves.  

Print Jeans: $22.80- Forever 21 
Backless Top: $46.00- Tobi 
Suede Pumps: $39.00- Lulus 

If you notice, all of my looks included heels. A rule of thumb for me and all of my friends is that heels are a must when you go out. I even have tall friends who follow this motto! Unless you are going to a super casual venue, flats will always downplay your look. That is my personal opinion, and you can definitely feel free to disagree.

I think sometimes as girls we feel chained to showing our legs when we go out. Absolutely nothing is wrong with that! You should know though that you don’t always need to. You can cover them up without losing any of your sexy. Hopefully some of my looks inspired you for your next girls night out this weekend!

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