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Nail Art: Do or Don’t?


If you frequent social media apps like Instagram then you know that nail art is just a tad bit popular. There was a time that I was not sure how I felt about it. Generally, my personal style leans towards a more classic look. I’m more JCrew than Urban Outfitters…if that makes any sense. So while I am not afraid to try bold bright colors, I do sometimes worry that nail art could come off as tacky.

Maybe it is because I am an avid Instagram user, but it has grown on on me. So much so that the hand above belongs to me! Will houndstooth nails be something that I wear regularly? No, but it is always fun to change it up sometimes. So, my personal verdict on nail art is that it is a definite do. 

I have friends who are more artistically inclined that are good at doing nails designs. I, unfortunately, do not even remotely possess those skills. How does a girl stay on trend? You could find a very skilled manicurist who knows how to do designs or you could use Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips


It is so fast and easy! Just follow the three step process and you will be all set. You could do your whole hand with the design or mix and match like I did. I honestly think that anything will look good. Have fun with it! 

The nail art trend is definite do, don’t fall behind fashionistas!

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