The Search for the Perfect Red

As I put on my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick this morning I thought to myself, “Wow I am obsessed with this color”. It took a relatively basic all black outfit and made it chic. I was on the hunt thinking about what I should write next and then it dawned on me!

Since red came back into popularity a few years back I have been searching for the perfect one. Nothing ever seemed right. I came to the conclusion that red just may not be my color. I guess you could say my complexion would be considered medium tone according to the make-up aisle. Sometimes that makes it hard to find the right color match for any type of make-up.

I found a few contenders, but Ruby Woo left them in the dust. It goes perfectly with my complexion. I adore the matte finish. The only thing I love more than that is the fact that it stays on. It not one of those drying long wear lipsticks, but has a similar effect. I’m obsessed.

Here is the best part: it works for everyone! Don’t believe me? Go on Instagram and look at the hashtag “#RubyWoo”. You’ll see women of every color and creed looking absolutely fabulous in this color.

The search for the perfect red ends here and for under $20 at any department store it is an absolute steal!

Ruby Woo by MAC- $15.00- Macy’s

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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