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Oh St. Valentine: Gift Guide for Him

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If the man in your life is anything like mine, he does not care about Valentine’s Day. He may call it a made up holiday and anything you do to celebrate will probably be more for your benefit than his. That being said, I believe Valentine’s Day should not be all about the girl. You should spoil your guy just like he spoils you! He’s great and you know he deserves it! 

Somersets Shaving Oil &  Phillips Electric Shaver

photo ShavingOil_Razor_zps834e0e15.jpg

So, this first gift is more for you than for than him! If your guy does not own an electric shaver he should definitely have one. They achieve a much smoother shave than a regular razor can. What will make the shave even better is Somersets shaving oil. The cool moisturizing oil will lubricate the skin and help your man achieve a closer shave. It’s soap-free, so he will not be left with dry skin. The best part is all he needs is 3 drops! It comes in three different formulas (Original, Extra Sensitive Skin, and Tough Stubble), so you will be able to get him the one that best suits him. The end result will be a clean shave free of cuts, razor bumps, or nicks. You’ll want to kiss him all night!  

Electric Shaver- $24.99- Best Buy
Shaving Oil- $6.99- Somersets USA

Gucci Guilty Cologne

photo Gucci_Guilty_zps29e2506d.jpg

You can’t deny that you love when your guy is wearing cologne. You know that little spritz he sprays right before he heads out for the night. Every time you smell that cologne you immediately think of him. For Valentine’s Day, give him an amazing cologne that will always keep him on your mind. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme has a fresh clean scent that isn’t overwhelming, but not too subtle. It’s bold enough to notice, but not too strong. Don’t believe me, check it out in the men’s fragrance section at Sephora! You’ll love it!

Cologne- $60.00- Sephora

Button Up & Cardigan

photo Cardigan_ButtonDown_zps4ea75050.jpg

To me nothing is sexier than a man in a button up paired with a cardigan. This is a classic combo that every man needs in his wardrobe. I went high to low on this gift. Pair a Boss Black button up with a cardigan from H & M. He can wear this look to that fancy dinner he is taking you to, a night out with the boys, or at the office. These shirts have an amazing fit and you can never go wrong with a cardigan from H & M. He will look amazing!

Button Up- $125.00- Nordstrom
Cardigan- $39.95- H & M

Xbox Live Membership

photo Xbox_zpse1f267d1.jpg

Most men have a Xbox and most men are obsessed with it. If he doesn’t it already have it you should definitely get him a Xbox Live Membership. In addition to the game features, he’ll be able to watch television shows on Hulu Plus, movies on Netflix, all the sports his heart desires on ESPN, and much more. Of all the gifts this will probably go the farthest.  The only thing he loves more than you is his Xbox. 

12 Month Gold Membership- $34.99- Best Buy

Godiva Chocolate Gift Box

photo Truffles18_75938_01_zpscc1f1f29.jpg

If your guy has a sweet tooth, you will definitely need to go for the cliche of chocolate. What’s Valentines Day without it? The Godiva gift box has a great assortment of their signature chocolates. This gift is perfect to throw in with one of the other gift ideas.

Signature Chocolate Truffles Gift Box-$40.00- Godiva

This Valentine’s Day, treat your man to something special! Hopefully I gave you some gift ideas. It’s just two weeks away! Enjoy the day of love with your special someone!

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