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To Splurge or Refuse the Urge


Lately, I have gotten into re-watching old episodes of Sex and the City. As I watch the unrealistic brunches that no working girl with a 9-5 job could take, the exclusive art openings and parties that I would kill to be important enough to be invited to, the dating lives of 30-somethings that act as a cautionary tale to 20-somethings like me, there is something that troubles me. How does a columnist afford a closet full of designer shoes, bags, and clothes? I guess it’s something that we are all supposed to overlook, but I just can’t.

Quite frankly, I think Carrie Bradshaw walking around in her signature Manolo Blahnik strappy heels is silly, wasteful, and irresponsible. I know she is fictional character, but for some reason when I take a second glance I do not think that she should be the inspiration for a single girls everywhere. How can she possibly afford to constantly splurge? The answer is she can’t!

Which brings me to my main point, when should a girl splurge, when should she refuse the urge, and when is it a toss up?

Bags, Sunglasses, & Watches: Splurge


When it comes to your bags, sunglasses, and watches you need be willing to spend a little extra money. These are things that you want to last and do not want to have to keep replacing. Get a classic bag, pair of sunglasses, or watch and it will be a long time before you need to replace them. That is my philosophy. 

P.S- I only mean one of each, don’t start a collection until you can absolutely afford it. If it means living beyond your means, it is too much of a splurge!

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Trendy Clothes: Refuse the Urge


Trends change from season to season. I see absolutely no point in spending ridiculous amounts of money of clothes that will be out of style next season. Your money can go a much longer way when you’re spending $200 on five or six  items versus $200 on one.

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Shoes: Toss Up


I think with shoes you can go either way. When it comes to classics shoe shapes and colors it doesn’t hurt to splurge on occasion if you can afford it.  You will want them to last through more than a few wears.  Unless you are like my friend who has a father that works for a shoe company that specializes in designer shoes, when it comes to trendy shoes I think you should refuse the urge. You may have loved those neon spiky heels last season, but this season you may hate them. If they are designer you will be a little sad to see your feelings change. Shoes are toss up, use your better judgement.

Find these fabulous Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps at Neiman Marcus and these adorable Kelsi Dagger cap toe pumps at Lulu’s!

When it comes to fashion you have to know when it is the right to splurge and when it is the right time to refuse the urge. You and wallet will be much happier.

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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