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The Great Debate: Pointed vs. Platform


On Saturday afternoon, we had a 50th birthday party for my father. I was wearing a fit and flare dress, so I decided to wear pointed pumps. I thought it would give me a more classic look. My mother and my sister also wore fit and flare dresses. My mother went in the same direction as me and wore pointed pumps, while my sister, known for her rebellious streak, decided to wear sky high platform pumps. I think each of us looked really good in our own individual way, but it did bring a thought to my mind. In the great debate of pointed versus platform, who comes out on top?




If you do not know me and have not met me in person then you do not know that I am a measly 5’2. So, when the lower heeled pointed pump made its major return, I was not a fan, not even in the slightest. In fact, I was a naysayer and nonbeliever. I said we would never go back to lower pumps. Why would intelligent fashionable women voluntarily shrink down one to two inches? Never going to happen, I said, and then it did.

My love for platforms was deep and you could not pry them away from me. I had found a way to trick people into thinking I was 5’7 or 5’8 on my daring six inch heel days. You cannot take that away from me! What was a short girl to do?

It took me some time, but I started warming up to them. I noticed that while the platforms gave me height, the pointed pumps shaped my legs so much more. Platform pumps are dramatic and eye catching, but pointed pumps are better for occasions that you want your actual outfit to do the talking. So, my personal verdict is that it is a tossup. Do not put all your platforms in storage and replace them with pointed pumps. There is time and place for both.

For example, if you have an interview I would say go pointed. Pointed pumps are more subdued and professional. If you are going out for a night with the girls, wear platforms. Platforms are super comfortable and you will be able to freely dance the night away, while pointed pumped will make you want to be carried out of the venue.

In the great debate of pointed versus platform there is no right answer!  The beautiful thing about trends now is there is not one shoe type that we all must conform to. You will not look dated in pointed pumps or trampy in platforms. You can choose that you only like one type or choose that you like to wear both. It is completely up to you!

Where do you fall in the pointed versus platform debate? Are you team pointed? Are you team platform? Are you playing both sides?

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