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March Shopping Diet: Shop Your Closet


As much as I practice what I preach in regards to affordable fashion, I will admit that like most women I am not the shining example when it comes to saving and spending. That being said, I have decided to go on a shopping diet for the entire month of March. March is a funny month. Unless there’s a fluke warm streak the majority of the month is chilly or moderate. The stores floors are filled with super springy clothes that you cannot wear yet because it is not quite warm enough. So, why shop? Why not save for the month of March and start building on my spring wardrobe come April?

Believe me when I say this will not be an easy feat. I work with stores all around me. The gym that I go to after work  is down the street from Sephora, Macy’s, Forever 21, and H & M to name just a few. My boyfriend lives 5 minutes from a mall and we go there pretty much every time I go to see him. It will be hard. I am sure I will go through withdrawal like an addict in rehab, but it is more than necessary. I have come to realize that I am shopping to shop and not buying things that I need to build my wardrobe.

For some reason, I think a lot of you can relate to me. Do you buy a new article of clothing every time you are going out with your friends? Do you buy at least one new thing week? What did you buy two weeks ago? Is there something in your wardrobe that is similar? Do you convince yourself that you need something, when in actuality you really just want it?

I do not believe that we are what they would classify as shopaholics, but let’s just go ahead and admit that we are not far from it. We may not be maxing out credit cards on designer clothes, but we are not spending wisely. If you relate you to anything I have written so far, then I urge you join me in my March Shopping Diet.

To start, here are a few steps that you and I should follow:


  • Step 1: Do every stitch of laundry that you have.
  • Step 2: Re-organize your drawers/closet(s). As you do this step mentally itemize your clothing. You will start to see that there is a lot of clothing that you either forgot about or missed the value of because you were too busy shopping.
  • Step 3: Figure out what the holes in your wardrobe are trend wise(i.e.: I do not have that many pastels in my wardrobe). Make a mental note for later. 

Once you’ve followed these three steps you can start to shop your closet. You will start to see that a lot of the clothing in your closet can be revamped and switched up. Take that skirt you have worn a million times and pair it with a top that you’ve only worn a few times. Take an outfit you’ve worn before and add some chunky jewelry to spice it up. Mix some spring items from last season with winter items you have bought this season. You do not need to buy new clothes to look fresh and new, you need to come at things from a different angle.

Do not make shopping your crutch to avoid being inventive. Trends change from season to season, but it not that drastic. Just use your imagination. I guarantee you have most of the trends lying right there in your closet. Do the March shopping diet and explore your own closet and not a store.

This is not encourage you not to shop period. Fashion does not stop, but one month will not set your far behind the curve. Use this month to re-group. Realize what your actual needs are in your wardrobe. You do not need to stop shopping. You just need to shop smarter.

These are the two steps I intend on completing after the March Shopping Diet is complete:


  • Step 1: Make a monthly wish list. Allow yourself one to two items per week. You will have the gratification of buying something new, without the sting of overspending.
  • Step 2: Set a bi-weekly or weekly shopping budget that is realistic and doable for you. It is better to space out shopping than to go on one big spree. You end up spending more in the end. 

This shopping diet will definitely be a struggle for a frequent shopper like me, but it will be well worth it in the end when I have regrouped and I am only buying things that I need to build my wardrobe, not things I buy simply for the sake of buying something new. I hope some of you brave fashionistas will join me in completing this diet. Your wardrobes and wallets will thank you.

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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  1. Very Cute…I am right there with you, I feel the urges. I work in retail so I am literally ALWAYS at the mall and things surely add up quickly. I can’t promise that I will be fully committed for the diet but I will try. When I really sit down and track my spending, it is a shame how much money went to clothing, granted I work in retail so my appearance should be up to par but sometimes I just sit there and shack my head!

    1. The urges are the worst. I can imagine working in retail would be even worse! And yes, definitely try the diet. It has been hard, but it has been worthwhile. You’ll come out at the end of the month knowing exactly what you want! Thanks for reading!

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