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6 Ways to Stay Cute During Snowy/Rainy Weather


Days like this make me want to stay in bed and watch the snow accumulate outside from my window. Since I am a big girl (with a big girl job) that just is not an option. Okay, so now that the little voice in my head named “Responsibility” got me out of bed. What am I supposed wear?  How do I style my hair? How do I keep my make-up from running down my face? Ugh, I am going back to bed…just kidding.

Here a 6 ways to look cute during snowy/rainy weather when adult responsibilities compel to leave your comfy bed:

1. Bubble Umbrella:


I bought mine last summer and it honestly was the best investment! It  is resistant to wind and keeps your face/hair completely covered

2. Rain Boots:


I lost my rain boots a while back and only remember that I need to replace them when it rains or snows. Don’t follow my lead. I regret it every time. My suggestion in regards to rain boots is to not get boots with a cutesy design. Get a standard color that you will not look silly wearing if the sun were to come out.

3. Abridged Make-up Bag


Do not bring every beauty product you own, but bring the essentials you need to touch up when you first get to the office. That bubble umbrella will protect you, but it is not perfect.

4. Anti-Frizz Serum


Bring a small bottle of anti-frizz serum to fix the inevitable frizziness and fly aways that come with a rainy or snowy day. Even with a hood and amazing umbrella.

5. Wear Bright Colors


Wear a bright colored top, sweater or blazer. You will notice that the bright colors will elevate your mood.

6.  Stylish Shoes to Change Into:


Do not walk about your office in big clunky rain boots. Bring a cute pair of flats or heels to change into. It is raining outside not in your office.

All pictures are links to the actual products. Hope this will help you weather the storm and stay cute!

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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