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Spring Is In The Air


Spring is indeed in the air, but remember fashionistas it is not here yet! I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. I just felt like that had to be thrown out there.

I am strong believer in fashion rules. There is a time and place for every fashion statement. Do not jump the gun!

Unless you live in an area with a warm climate these are three things that you should NOT be wearing yet:

Denim Shorts

hmprod (1)

Unless you are wearing them with tights or over-the-knee socks, denim shorts should reserved for warmer days. By warmer I mean at least high 60s or low 70s.


hmprod (3)

If you’re a wearing a sundress with boots a denim jacket and scarf then maybe it will pass. My personal opinion though, just wait. I think you should only wear something when it is easy to wear. We are not at that point yet for sundresses.

Sandals/Open Toe Heels


My personal opinion is that sandals and/or open toe heels should not be worn until at least late April or early May. Let the season progress naturally. Be happy that you can wear flats without your toes going numb. It is way too soon for anything open toe.

My only exception to the rule is I think that around mid-April it is okay to wear open toe heels at night. Do not ask my logic there. I just think you can wear more weather defiant clothing and shoes at night in a hot club, lounge, or bar.

Do not fret though! Now that it is warming up I do think there are things that you can start to do.

Do Wear A Lighter Jacket

hmprod (2)

I think once it warmer out it is okay to put the puffer jacket away and transition into a peacoat or leather jacket. We may not be at shorts weather yet, but we are finally past bulky jacket weather. Yay!

Do Wear Flats


Whether it is stylish loafers or classic ballet flats, we are now at the point where we can wear them and not feel like our toes are going to fall off.

Do Wear Cropped Pants


You cannot quite bare your legs yet, but you can show off a little ankle. In the spring/summer if you see me wearing pants they will be cropped. They have a cool classic vibe that I simply adore. Cropped pants are all over the store floors right now so they will not be hard to find!

I am so excited that the first official day of Spring is just nine days away! You probably all feel the same way. Remember the fashion rules though. Make small transitions into your spring wardrobe.

What fashion rules do you follow?

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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