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Rekindled Obession: Missguided


Have you ever found an amazing clothing website by accident then completely forgotten about it? Well, that is the case for me when it comes to Missguided. I stumbled upon it a few summers ago when I was on the search for something to wear for my birthday. I revisited a few times when it was still in my history, but time went on, I found a dress somewhere else, and Missguided was a distant memory.

Yesterday when I was on instagram I was reintroduced to Missguided and wondered how I could ever have forgotten about it! It is an online boutique based in the United Kingdom.  The styles featured on the site are both chic and fashion forward. European fashion is always a step ahead so you may even spot a few trends that you are unable to get here in the US. You would think that price wise it might end up being on the high end, but that is not that case at all. Everything is affordable with many styles priced under $30.

The best part about ordering from any online boutique is you’re less likely to have a “B*tch Stole My Look” encounter. Nothing is worse than being in a bar or restaurant, looking across the room, and seeing a girl wearing the exact same thing as you. You obviously wore it better, but even still. With a boutique from oversees you are even more guaranteed to not have a copycat moment.

The clothes are cheap, the shipping is even cheaper. To give you an idea standard shipping in the US is usually around $7.00. On Missguided’s site, standard shipping from the UK to US is only $10.00! You cannot beat that.

I am on my March Shopping Diet, but I did spot a few winners that I hope are still around when this shopping fast is over! Check out a few of my faves below:

Midi Dress w/ Slit


I love the midi length, as you know. The slit adds a lot of sex appeal and the vibrant color takes it over the edge.

“Swag” Tee


This is obviously a shirt I would reserve for the days I am feeling a little cocky.  I love that you can find a shirt as funky as this on the same site as a dress as chic as the dress pictured above.

Two-Tone Sandals  


It is a little early for these, but I love how on trend they are. Pastel and metallic all in one! They are definitely on my wish list.

P.S.- You will not be able to get enough of this shoe shape this summer.

The pictures are all actual links to the items on Missguided’s site.

I am in love with Missguided and I think you will be too! Check it out for yourself! What are you favorites?

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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