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The Neccesities: Retro Sunnies

I’ve stated in the past that I think sunglasses are worth the splurge. While I do believe that, I think that sunglasses that have a trendy frame should always be purchased at a lower cost.

There are two retro sunglasses frames that I am obsessed with and  guarantee you will see a lot of (if you have not seen a lot already). Now that we’re heading towards warmer and sunnier days, these are a must have!

Cat-Eye Sunnies


These are screaming 1950’s glamour. It is a super fun shape that will make you feel like you are channeling Marilyn Monroe. Get these fabulous sunnies for just $11.99 at Modcloth.

Round Sunnies


You have just got to have a pair of round sunnies. When I say “round”,  know that I mean a full blown circle. Commit to it. They are so 1970’s inspired. It reminds me of something Kate Hudson might have worn in Almost Famous. You can find these round beauties for $16.99 online or at your local  Target.

For the days filled with outdoor activities (brunch, beach, walk in the park, etc.) break out those retro sunnies!

Will you be wearing cat-eye or round sunnies this spring/summer?

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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