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Cardigans vs. Blazers

CollageBlazers and cardigans are that final touch of an outfit. There was a point that I was completely obsessed with wearing cardigans(wear one everyday obsessed). Lately, I have noticed that I have been more drawn to blazers. Blazers and cardigans both serve their own purposes. So, even if you prefer one over the other you will still find a time to wear both.



Cardigans are perfect for a day where you feel like being comfy. You could wear one with a pair of cute flats and dress pants and you will still look office appropriate. A cardigan can tone down a look when you are not trying to look super dressed up.



Blazers are a great way to pull an outfit together. While blazers work throughout an entire work week, I actually appreciate them the most on casual Friday. If I just wore a sweater and jeans I would like I am going to the mall, not to my office. A blazer gives it a more polished look.

Which do you prefer, blazer or cardigan?

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