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How to Purge Your Closet Effectively


The other day, I suddenly remembered that I had a pair of patent leather bright yellow pointed pumps. Or so I thought. Apparently in my cleaning rampage one day I donated those adorable shoes to Good Will. Why did I get rid of those gems? Well, it must have been at least two years ago when I swore off shoes without a platform and thought we would and could never go back to pointed pumps. I do not remember the toss, but after tearing through my room top to bottom it is apparent that the shoes are no longer in my possession.

Then that same day, I read an article saying that denim bermuda shorts were making a little comeback. I had a pair of those too, but got rid of them in a purging rage (probably around the same time I got rid of those shoes).

Now, am I going to go out and buy a new pair of denim bermudas or bright yellow pointed pumps? The answer is probably not. So, what is the solution?

There is no use crying over spilled milk, but I can take action so that it does not happen again. I have only been on this earth for 23 years and in that time I have seen several trends die and resurrect two or three times at least. The solution is to purge, but not to purge as often.

I do not mean that we all should become pack rats and have mounds of clothes with no place. Trends change quickly and are generally unpredictable. The one thing that we do know is that what is old will always be new again.

My advice is when a trend takes that fateful leap into out of style, before you donate or sell those old clothes, look at them closely. If they are in good condition and have that bounce back factor I would say keep them. Store them in a separate container from your other clothes. Many may tell you to do otherwise, but lately I have been realizing that I am too quick to get rid of clothes.

Tops are okay to purge. They are easily replaced and once they go out of style they rarely come back(at least not in the same way). When it comes to everything else( jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, and shoes) be careful before you purge. Those things go in and out style very often. You do not want to give something away and have it be back in style 1 or 2 years later.

I used to pride myself on my ability to take a garbage bag filled with clothes and give them away. Do not make my previous mistake! Think twice before you purge!

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