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Allergy Face: Tips from Beauty Expert Rebekah George


Previously, I gave you a few tips on how to ward off an allergy face. Those were my own personal tips, but yesterday when I had the opportunity to meet with fashion and beauty expert Rebekah George I got a few better ones. In the middle of the Macy’s Flower Show she gave me a makeup consultation and I got some great advice.  Advice that I was dying to share with my readers!


The main point Rebekah wanted to drive home was that less is more. When allergy redness strikes, do not pile on more makeup to cover it up. Instead, keep your face moisturized and use products like nude eyeshadow (aka the “naked eye”), mascara, and high shine lip gloss to brighten your face and distract from the allergy face. She also recommends doing a super bold defined brow with a pencil or eyebrow pot.

Rebekah suggests that you absolutely avoid red lips. It will enhance the allergy effects rather than keeping attention away from them. Rather than using concealer to hide redness, she advises you to use bronzer. Constantly reapplying concealer with the combination of a runny nose can cause flakiness that you definitely want to avoid.

As a beauty blogger there is only so much that I know so I am very happy to have gotten the chance to meet with Rebekah and hear what she has to say in regards to the ever so terrible allergy face. Now that allergy season is officially upon us, in addition to using medication like Zyrtec, be sure to take Rebekah’s amazing tips.

For more of Rebekah check her out on,, or turn on your television (she makes television appearances all the time)!

P.S.- Don’t you love how we are wearing matching prints from H & M!

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