Coordinates: Too Matchy Matchy or Just Right?

Mad-Dash-Crop-TopNastygal has inspired another poll! I have been seeing a lot of coordinates in my window and online shopping travels. I have seen it both intentionally and unintentionally. We had drifted away from being matchy matchy for a while, but  I am liking this direction. Whether it is a matching top and shorts, coordinating suit, or an outfit like that Mad Dash Crop Top and Mad Dash Pencil Skirt from Nastygal pictured above, I am personally a fan. How you feel though? Would you do it? Take my poll below!

P.S.- These polls have a purpose. I use them to help me know what trends my readers want to know about. For example based on the poll about mixing prints a couple weeks ago, tomorrow I will be showing you how to do it since the majority of you voted yes. If you are not a fan of a trend, I won’t go into further detail. I want to give my readers what they want!

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2 Comments on Coordinates: Too Matchy Matchy or Just Right?

  1. This actually coordinates well because the prints aren’t loud. If they were a bit bolder I don’t think it would work very well. However, I’m all for mixing prints.

    This is me:

  2. But why should we limit ourselves to one or the other?
    Fashion is FUN, so let’s enjoy both looks, as the mood strikes.

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