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Beginners Guide to Mixing Prints

This post is long overdue! The polls are in and the masses have spoken. The majority of you voted yes to wearing mixed prints. Now we are at the hard part. How do you mix prints without looking like you are in kindergarten and your mommy let you dress yourself for the first time? I hate looking silly and I am sure you do as well. So, here are the ins and outs of mixing prints for beginners.

Consider stripes to be a neutral

NeutralStripesI do not know why, but stripes have become a neutral. Pair it with floral, animal print, geometric print, etc. and it will look great! It will be a bold look that is sure to turn heads.

Tank: $7.95- H&M
Pants: $34.95- H&M
Cutout Wedges: $29.00- Lulu’s
Round Sunnies: $9.00- Lulu’s

Use accessories to mix things up


Another good way to mix prints is to do it in a small way. Rather than wearing two different prints in your articles of clothing, try mixing prints with your accessories.  This is a perfect way to do it for beginners. It is a lot more forgiving.

Skater Dress: $ 24.95- H&M
Monochrome Clutch: $21.60-Asos
Tropical Print Platforms: $64.00 –Lulus

Break up prints with a solid


When you are wearing mixed prints, one way to tone the look down is to break it up with a solid. For example, wearing a striped cardigan with a solid tank and print bottom is not as overwhelming as you can see in the picture above.

Striped Cardigan: $19.95- H&M
Print Jeggings: $17.95- H&M
Solid Tank: $2.95- H&M
Mints Sandals: $99.95- Steve Madden

Stick to only two prints at a time to start

Others may say something different, but in my personal opinion do not wear more than two prints at a time when you first start trying this trend. Two prints alone can border on tacky when done wrong. So, adding a third or even worse a fourth is WAY too much. You could take the trend and run it into the land of Fashion Police. I will not include a picture on this one because I am sure you get the point!

When I think of mixing prints there is one stylish fashionista that comes to mind which is Solange Knowles. She is a big fan of the trend and does it quite well! Solange goes much bolder than the ideas I gave you. So if and when you feel like making that next step be sure to channel Solange.

Check out my gallery of Solange and her mixed prints below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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