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Confessions of a Lazy Fashionista


By Tiffanie Baine

It is no secret. Every girl does not wake up a few hours before work, go for a run, make breakfast and read her daily dose of WWD, while still having time to find the perfect outfit for the day. You know these women. Some of you might even be these women. They come into the office bright in early with lots of pep in their step, perfectly tamed hair, and probably a fierce outfit. Personally, I loathe them. My routine is not one of such perfectionism. I am a certified lazy fashionista.

The years have taught me how to work with my (for some reason) constantly messy or “beach wavy” hair. Oh yes, that is the term I have decided to go for. I have learned how to make it sexy instead of messy. I have also learned how to wear the absolute bare minimum of makeup to get me through the day and how to dress chic without too much fuss. Now, even being lazy requires some planning ladies, so bear with me.

At night, I blow dry my hair and use a satin scarf to keep the frizz away. I add a little product for shine and to keep it tangle free. Usually, in the morning I simply take my favorite baby bliss flat iron and do a light touch up. Some of you may not need to do this, but I have bangs and sometimes they require a little extra attention. My hair is already tamed from the satin scarf, which works wonders, so this should take all of 5 minutes.


The next step is getting dressed. I look outside and it is spring. That makes choosing an outfit a lot easier! I think to myself that my work environment is pretty casual so I’ll go with jeans. A light denim jean and soft grey tee shirt to start, cuff the pants, and throw on my closed toe bright orange Schutz pumps. Something is still missing though. From there, I may grab my favorite gray blazer from Zara. As far as accessories are concerned I never leave home without my studded diamond earrings and watch. I like to keep it simple.


Lastly, I do my make up. Mainly, being the lazy downtown girl that I am, I do not wear much of it. If I am running behind I can do it in a hurry. Foundation, mascara, and a highlighter will do wonders for a quick pick me up in the morning. Add a simple lip stain and you should be good to go.


It obviously takes some time figuring out what to wear. The best advice I can give to those of you who roll out of bed 30 minutes before work every morning is to stick to a uniform. You know what works for you and go from there. As I have stated, I am a simple girl. I cannot get too over involved or I lose track and end up not looking my best. So work with what you got and keep it easy.

936837_10200969488262856_500471191_n(1)About the Guest Blogger: Since graduating from a small private university in Connecticut, Tiffanie Baine has since settled in Manhattan’s east village. By day she is a busy office manager keeping track of coffee and computers. At night she enjoys making dinner and sipping a few glasses of wine while scrolling through deliciously exaggerated gossip websites. Some of her celebrity style icons include Zoe Saldana, Blake Lively, and the timeless Audrey Hepburn. Tiffanie prefers to keep things minimal and simple. She hates making a fuss about an outfit. On any given Saturday morning Tiffanie can be spotted strolling around lower manhattan with her head phones and an iced coffee.

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