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No Love Allowed: Diamonds World Tour


After patiently waiting since September, then another three days after it was postponed for a Brooklyn Nets game, I finally got to go to the Rihanna Diamonds World Tour concert on Tuesday! I had to do a major outfit change when the concert was rescheduled for a weeknight. Which meant I would have to change outfits at work. Let’s just say that Saturday’s outfit might have been a wee bit skimpier!

I decided to go with a high slit maxi dress. It is similar to the one I featured in my April Wish List. I figured that was the most Rihannaesque article of clothing I could leave my office wearing without catching judgmental stares. I paired it with my Sam Edelman wedges and Ruby Woo lipstick. As a side-note, I am glad I got the red lip memo. It was a sea of red lips that night.


The concert itself was amazing. Rihanna has great stage presence! I could have done a whole post about how amazing her outfits were, but if you have any sort of social media I am sure you have seen it. Every look played so well with each song. I loved every minute of it.

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