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Okay It’s Springtime: 3 Things You Really No Longer Should be Wearing

I will be the first one to say that this spring has been a mild disappointment. Last year at this time we were not only having warm days, but many hot days too. This spring has been an up and down roller coaster weather wise. It could be 80 degrees on Monday and 55 by the time you hit Friday. We get you and your boyfriend are having problems Mother Nature, but honestly there is no need to take it out on the rest of us. We started that green movement just to cheer you up and this is how you repay us?

All jokes aside, even though it is not the most predictable of springs there are a few things you  need to put in your closet until next winter. It is not that cold! Layer up if you need to, but do not wear the things I am about to list anymore. You  will look just a tad bit silly. I went over the things you can start wearing at the start of spring , now here is a list things you really need to stop wearing (if you have not stopped already). I am hoping most of you have.

1. Down Jacket


You might be thinking ” Thank you captain obvious”. On warm day like today, I am sure that not many of you are saying “Oh there is bit of a nip in the air this morning, better grab my floor length down jacket”. On those days when it is under 60 degrees and rainy though, I have seen many many offenders. It is not that cold! I already said that you could put those puffers away 2 months ago and I meant it. I repeat it is not that cold! Days like those are chilly, but a leather jacket or trench coat with a light scarf will keep you plenty warm. You just look crazy at this point. It is May. The official start to summer is a month away. There hasn’t been a need for such heavy coats for months now.

2. Riding Boots


While I do not think that people in riding boots look super silly. I do believe for fashion rules sake you should not be wearing them any longer. You can do booties and/or combat boots, but boots that hit right at your knee are a true fall/winter item. We are way into spring and now is the time when you should put them away. It will just make you look out of season wearing them.

3. Wool Scarf


I loves scarves and do think that they can be a year round accessory, but if you have not already it is definitely time to trade out that wool scarf for a fabric that is a lighter weight. Now you can explore fun prints. That scarf can add a little extra something to an outfit and keep you warm on the chillier days we have been having.

I am hoping many of you have the fashion know how to know that that these are items that you should not be wearing. It just needed to be said just in case. It is spring (nearly summer), it absolutely is time to lighten up that wardrobe! It is okay to wear transitional pieces, but there are some things that need not be worn after the first day of May. Happy Friday fashionistas!

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