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Summer 2013 Beachwear Trends You Gotta Have


By Christina Jones

It might not feel like it, but summer really is just around the corner (c’mon sunshine!), which means it’s time to start thinking about holidays, bikinis and that all-important tan.

We all know there’s nothing quite like getting on a plane and jetting off somewhere sunny for the summer. Already, I can’t wait for that excited feeling you get when you’re buying your last-minute holiday essentials and dreaming of cocktails on the beach or tasty food after a day spent reclining with headphones and a good book by the pool.

The only downside of holidays is the packing. We all hate it and it seems like somehow, you always manage to forget the most important stuff. But this year there’s no need to worry, as I’ve put together a list of some of 2013’s top beachwear trends to ensure you look stylish both on and off the sand while you’re away – no excuses!

Retro chic


Retro looks are really dominating the world of bikinis at the moment and these are the perfect choice if, like me, you haven’t exactly got a 6 pack and washboard abs! Halterneck tops will lift you up, while high-waisted shorts will hide a multitude of sins. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with this look either – plain tops and patterned shorts (or vice-versa) look great.

Tropical prints


Speaking of prints, this brings me nicely on to my next recommendation. Obviously prints come in all shapes and sizes, but this summer I think you need to look for bold, tropical prints. Think big, colorful flowers and bright leaves decorating a dark background for a really lush, tropical feel to your bikini. All you need is a mojito to accessorize.



There was a time when no-one wore swimsuits – it was all about bikinis. But that’s now changed and some of the all-in-ones available at the moment are super-hot. Continue the retro theme and go for halternecks in a cute polka dot pattern and frills around the bottom, or turn up the sex appeal in fierce animal print or bold and colorful Aztec patterns.



If you’re not keen on bikinis, but want to show off a bit more skin than a swimsuit allows, then cut-outs are your answer. You must have seen cut-out dresses in the shops (they’re everywhere) and these swimsuits have the same purpose – they cover you up, but still allow you to have a subtle hint of flesh on display.

Away from the sand


So, what about when the sun begins to set and you start packing up your sun lounger? A summery kaftan is essential for the walk back to your hotel. Don’t just pick the biggest, billowing design you can find though – choose one that could actually be worn as a dress as well. I love white embroidered options that let the colorful swimwear underneath shine though.

Leather is a big no-no when it’s hot, so swap your usual handbag for a woven straw version to carry around your beach essentials. Add some jeweled flip-flips and this season’s cat eye sunglasses and you’re all set!

What’s your favorite beachwear look for summer 2013?


About the Guest Blogger:  Christina Jones is a self-confessed fashion lover, and avid follower of Missguided. A big fan of the sun, and festivals, Christina takes any opportunity to show off the latest styles.


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