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Summer 2013 Beauty Rules

Memorial Day weekend has passed and everyone knows that it is the unofficial start of summer! Yay summer :)! All of my East Coast readers who have checked the weather know that we have a little bit of a heat wave coming.

With warm weather comes some beauty adjustments that need to be made. Below I have listed some rules that will help you get through this heat wave (and the warm summer that is hopefully coming) looking fresh and beautiful.

1. Less is more


Be advised that on any day above 80 degrees, any makeup that you do put on will be gone before the end of the day. So, there is no need to pound it on. Unless, you like the look of a sad melting clown that is. As far as your eyes are concerned, going beyond eyeliner and mascara is a pointless venture. That smokey eye will not last your morning commute! Besides, the summer gives you a natural glow that definitely does more than makeup can do.

2. Switch out of your liquid foundation for powder

10835183002I have stated in a previous post that I only use powder foundation, but if you are the type of girl to use liquid, now is definitely the time to switch over. Liquid is too heavy to wear on warm days. It can clog your pores and eventually make you break out. Avoid that shame and embarrassment and just use powder! I guarantee once you find the the right one you will get just as much coverage as liquid gives you.

3. Use tinted moisturizer  


If you really cannot let go of liquid foundation, I would suggest the combo of using powder and a tinted moisturizer. You will get a little more coverage than using powder alone, but tinted moisturizer is much lighter than liquid foundation. It also has the added benefit of having some sunscreen in it, which is essential throughout the summer. You should always wear sunscreen on your face throughout to summer to protect against aging. I personally wear at least SPF 15 all year round!

4. Use oil-free primer


I will be honest. I am not loyal to primer. This year I have used at least 3 different primers. If you do not personally use it throughout the year, it is an absolute must in the summer time. My current obsession is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I chose it because it is oil-free. In the summer, you do not need to add any type of oil to your face. One hot day produces enough, so avoid anything oily at all cost.

5. Avoid matte lipstick


Matte lipstick looks great in the winter, but in the summer it can look dried out or worse bleed. Remember that sad melting clown? The best thing to use are lipsticks with some sheen, tinted lip balm, or a lip gloss. Lighter summer makeup looks better with one of those three. On special occasions,  matte lipstick is appropriate, but on most days it should be avoided.

It is easy to look amazing throughout the summer. You just have to make a few small adjustments. Enjoy this heatwave coming. With the way this season has been going who knows how long it will last!

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