Guy Style 101

Guy Style 101: Keep It Simple Bro

Alexander Skarsgard

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Boston with four other girls. Between hair, makeup, and the grueling task of choosing an outfit, it was a solid hour before all of us were bar ready (many outfit changes later I might add).

As we headed to Cure Lounge, I spotted a guy in white pants (okay, I will accept it), a multi-colored plaid shirt (we are teetering), and square toe white loafers (no bueno). Maybe it was the white loafers that really took the outfit in that bad direction, but congratulations Mr. Yacht Club Outfit For a Night Out, you inspired me to write my first and probably only guy post.

I have male friends who ask why I do not write posts for guys. I usually just give a cute answer, but here is the real reason: it is so easy dress well as a guy! On an average casual day, a guy can wear about three or four articles of clothing maximum versus a girl who probably doubles it, so it seems pretty simple to me.


As men, you can roll out of bed, throw on a tee shirt, jeans, and a stylish pair of shoes and you will have the ladies lining up (with the right amount charm and personality of course). So, why do so many guys fail so miserably?


They are either trying too hard (see above) or are slightly behind on trends (see above…just kidding?). Luckily for them, these things can be resolved quickly. Men’s fashion is not the intricate labyrinth that women’s fashion is.

Once you get up to speed you will be fashion forward for at least one to two years. Trends rarely die for men one season to the next unless they are bad. It is a much slower progression.

A rule of thumb should be that the harder you try the worse you look.  A man trying to emulate what he thinks is “stylish” is a very dangerous thing. Unless you are the type of guy with a huge interest in fashion, the best possible thing to do is stick to what you know.  If you do not know, then in your case it will be sticking to what I teach you :)!

Below I have put together two style guides. I focused on casual and going out style. Each style guide features articles of clothing that are relatively interchangeable. All you need to do is mix, match, and duplicate.



Guys can wear a uniform of sorts. It is okay to have the same exact tee shirt in five different colors or the same jeans in 3 different washes. As I said, stick with what you know. Just keep it simple.

Keep in mind to avoid baggy tops, wear slim cut pants and/or shorts, stay away from prints crazier than plaid, white pants should never be worn at night, and when picking colors bright is good, but blinding is bad. You will look great every time. Girls do not have it as easy. Be grateful guys!

Update: Didn’t mention where to get these products because the style guides were more for inspiration, but just in case you guys were wondering all of the clothing is either from  H & M, Uniqlo, Joe Fresh, or Macy’s. The shoes are from Sperry,  DSW, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom! I gave direct links to  the shoes, feel free to leave a comment if you want a specific link to any clothing included!

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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  1. love this post lex! would be super helpful if you provided some suggestions/links where guys can actually buy some of these products!

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