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Weekend Chic: The Style Essentials

Happy Monday Fashionistas! Hope you all enjoyed the heatwave over the weekend.  For the moment, let’s pretend that this is a normal summer and it is going to stay warm.

Weekends should not be an excuse to turn into a complete bum.  I know you had a long work week and your work blackberry keeps buzzing, but on your casual days you should still stay cute. No one wants to be at brunch and see the girl sipping on her mimosa in a camisole and yoga pants. I am not saying put on heels and get all dolled. I am just saying put on some real clothes and put a brush through your hair. Pull yourselves together ladies!


Here are the weekend necessities:

Crop Top

rsaxs381_coralThe crop top is so important this summer. Pair it with a high waisted bottom and you have an outfit that is effortlessly chic.

Denim High Waisted Shorts


Denim high waisted shorts that channel the 1980s and 90s are such a crucial item for the summer. Gone are the days where low rise shorts are the only denim shorts in your wardrobe. If you have yet to jump on this band wagon, please jump on it.

Muscle Tee


Muscle tees are such a cute summer item. They are comfy, but do not look too dressed down. P.S.: Before you go out and buy a muscle tee, look through your old graphic tees. This could be a fun DYI project and great way keep some money in your pocket.

Low Wedge Sandals


Casual sandals that have a wedge between 1 to 2.5 inches are perfect for the weekend. They are not a full blown heel, but can add a little oomph to a casual outfit.


1_249977_FSDo not ask me if “skippies” is the proper name for these. I wore them when I was little and that is what my mommy called them. The name stuck with me. If you Google skippies, these do pop up in the image search though! I digress.

These shoes are cute and casual. Skippies can be paired with shorts, a dress, maxi dress/skirt, etc. and are great for the weekend when you plan to roam with no purpose. We all have those days and if you do not then you should!

Cross-body Bag


I do not know about you, but I hate lugging a purse around on the weekend. Satchels are super cute for the work day, but on a day like the one mentioned above, a cross-body is the perfect bag to carry. If you keep it light, it will feel like you do not even have a bag at all!

Knit Dress


A knit dress is comfortable and easy to accessorize. You can belt it, wear it loose, add a cute scarf, throw on a fedora…see where I am going? Do not just buy one, buy a few. They will always come in handy.

Sheer Maxi Skirt

46246711-03Whether it is solid or a print, sheer maxis skirts are absolutely adorable. You can wear with the muscle tee, the crop top, or even a solid tank. What I personally like about the sheer maxi skirt is that it is leaves a little to the imagination, but not everything. It is like a fun tease.



Sunglasses have and will always be a summer essential. They are the accessory that pull an outfit together and make that Instagram selfie super cute!

Do not lose yourselves on the weekends. I know all of my readers have active vibrant social lives that involve summer fun and sun. It is so always to stay cute in the summer. Take advantage fashionistas!

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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