Tracy Reese Benefit for African Health Now

IMG_20130621_075745Last night, I had the opportunity to go to the Tracy Reese flagship store for an event for an amazing cause. I loved being in a room full of fashion’s taste-makers. It reminds me of why I am working hard everyday. With successful women like Lola Ogunnaike (Arise 360 TV Co-Host) and her sister Nikki Ogunnaike ( Style Editor) as the hosts I knew this event would be exciting.

IMG_20130621_075450While being surrounded by beautiful people and fabulous clothes was fun, one could not forget why were were all there. African Health Now is a great non-profit organization dedicated to the health and wellness of Africans not only in the United States, but on the continent as well. The organization was founded by Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo after she had to deal with the sudden heart attack of her father while he was Ghana and she was in the United States.

The ordeal made the day to day struggles that Africans face really hit home for her and so African Health Now was born. With the help of many giving friends Nana held her first health fair in Ghana in December 2005. The health fair provided blood test screening, dental consultations, and basic health lessons that we as American take for granted. They were able to service 300+ people that day. Since its founding, African Health Now continues to touch Pan-Africans in both the United States and abroad. It is truly inspirational!

Overall it was a great night, with great people, for a great cause! Check out some pictures from the event below:


The founder of my favorite blog Fashion Bomb Daily, Claire Sulmers, and I!


Longtime friend Leetal Benbenisti, wardrobe stylist and founder of fashion blog Naturalista Fashionista, and I.


I just loved Dani Dvash of Chic a la’ Russe in her belted floral print dress. Her sleek high pony and retro sunnies definitely completed the look. Dani is the spokesperson for the delicious Starr African Rum we were all sipping on throughout the night!

IMG_20130621_075727  De’Angela Sipp looked fabulous in her Plenty by Tracy Reese Geometric Jacquard Contrast Shift Dress. Don’t you just love how her blue lipstick made the color pop?

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  1. That is amazing. Great example of how having an idea and putting your heart and soul into can cause great things to arise. You and your outfit are gorgeous!! 🙂

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