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#CommuterProblems: Finding the Perfect Commuting Shoes

I have to be in my office at 8:30 a.m. every morning. My office is about a 20 minute walk from Port Authority. That means I cannot leave my house later than 7:15/7:20 a.m. if I have any hope of getting in on time. If I get in to the city any later than 8:10 a.m. then my walk to work is more of a power walk/jog. Funnily enough all of that has not once made me want to throw on my running sneakers.  Not once.


Quite honestly I do not understand why other women commuting to work feel the need to wear them. Last time I checked, the invisibility cloak only exists in Harry Potter novels and people can see as you walk from point A to point B.  Now you might be the girl who says “I don’t care what people think” in an empowering voice. Does that mean that you need to wear two completely clashing articles of clothing?

I know it has nothing to do with me, but I am really bothered by it. With the number of cute comfortable flat options available (especially in the summertime), why voluntarily make yourself a walking fashion faux pas? The answer is there is there is no rhyme or reason to it. So you should just stop it.

Below I have listed a few commuter shoe options. Please consider them!

Neutral Sandals


Get a pair of sandals that are nude, brown, or black. One pair could get through the summer. Especially if they are solely for commuting. These are comfortable, cute, and make your street to office transition more smooth.

Ballet Flats


Invest in a cute pair of pair flats.  Keep them neutral as well. When it comes to ballet flats they can easily get uncomfortable if they are not the right fit, so be sure to try them on the store and take a few laps around. I would suggest the Rockport brand if you are looking for extreme comfort.



A neutral loafer can be worn with pants, shorts, and even the right skirt. I have personally tried on the shoes pictured above and can attest to how comfortable they are. These are perfect for your morning commute.

I purposely scheduled this post to publish at the end of the day on your commute home. If you are currently wearing sneakers, look down at your feet and say goodbye. This should be the last time that you wear them because there is no need. No one needs that much comfort. I am sure you have at least one of these things in your wardrobe. So tomorrow when you are getting ready, unless you are headed to the gym after work, leave the sneakers at home!

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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