Collab: How to Wear Summer Scarves

For this post I paired up with Niyah of Inexpensive Chic! We both wanted to show the many ways you could wear lightweight summer scarves. It is a great way to punch up a summer outfit. I am going to show you how to style one scarf three ways and Niyah is going to show you three unique ways to wear one scarf. Check it out below!

Here are some outfit options for wearing a summer scarf:

With a Denim Vest & Pants


With a Blazer & Shorts


With a Dress


Now check out some out of the box ways to wear summer scarves:

As a Necklace


As a Headband


As a Bag Accessory


Scarves are a great accessories for the summer and if this post taught you anything there are so many ways to wear them! Will you be wearing summer scarves?

Be sure to check out Niyah’s post!

Check back for your affordable beauty and fashion fix!

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3 Comments on Collab: How to Wear Summer Scarves

  1. I love the idea of a necklace! So cool

  2. Great outfits!! Love scarves with dresses 🙂 I particularly like the first outfit…love the high waisted trousers with a crop top and vest…so hipster and on trend!!

  3. Wow, so many ways how to wear scarves in the summertime! Love the way you wear a printed version like a headband with a blue dress, as a necklace over a white shirt and layered with a blazer and shorts! Super chic! I also made a post on how to wear scarves in hot weather, check it out:

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