Guy Style 101

Guy Style 101: Office Edition


I am a  strong believer in dressing for success, As Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. You play good, you win!”.  I work in New York City on 33rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. I am surrounded by men who work for some of the biggest corporations in the world. Being the observant person that I am, I notice what these men are wearing.  I have got to say that I am not impressed.

There is an epidemic of sloppiness running rampant among the corporate men in New York City.  Dressing too casually, wearing an ill-fitting suit, and/or having five o’clock shadow is no way to get ahead in the work force. Here are a few rules that every career man (especially those recent college graduates) should follow!

  1. A clean shave gets your foot in the door.Print If you work in a corporate environment then there is no place for scruff or a beard. A clean shave tells  your employer that you are professional and that you take yourself seriously.  It is an extra 10 minutes in your  morning routine that really can help you go leaps and bounds in your career.  This advice is especially essential for those fresh college graduates just joining the work force. You literally could get passed up for a position for a guy with the same qualifications and the only difference was that he had clean shave.  A great product to use to achieve clean shave is Somersets Tough Stubble Shaving Oil. It sets up tough stubble for extra close shave without nicks and razor burn. The chamomile soothes skin and tea tree oil stops irritation and helps to prevent razor burn.  The 1.2 Fl. oz. size can be purchased at Duane Reade for only $14.99! A clean shave is an absolute must for the office.
  2. A tailor is a man’s best friend.

    RalphLaurensacksuitThere is nothing that I hate to see more than a man who is in a suit that does not fit him. You do not need to be in a designer suit for it to fit you correctly. A visit to a tailor can make almost any suit look great. You just need to accept the fact that there is no man that can buy a suit off the rack and wear it right away. Accept the fact that every man needs to a few altercations. Accept the fact that a baggy ill-fitting suit makes you look like a sloppy mess. Accept the fact that people (not only observant people like me) do notice! Go to a tailor, it is worth the money! A proper suit should fit snug in the right places and taper where it needs to.
  3. A man with a watch is a man  knows his time is valuable.

    man-wearing-watch Wearing a watch sends a powerful message. It shows employers that being prompt is important to you.  A man with a watch knows that time is of the  essence and knows how to get his tasks at hand done in a timely matter. You should want to be that man because perception is reality.
  4. Your tie says a lot about yousilk-men-s-ties-formal-necktie-silk-tie-men-s-tie-men-ties-cravat-men-tie When choosing your tie keep in mind that your tie is what gives your suit its personality. You could wear the same suit everyday with a white button up and a simple tie change will give the suit a completely different look. That being said, you need to put some thought into the tie that you choose. A tie that is too flashy sends a message that you do not take yourself seriously. A solid boring tie says that you do not have fresh ideas. If you did have fresh ideas, you would have chosen a tie more exciting than the solid maroon one  that you decided to wear to the office. My suggestion is to go for bold colors like cobalt blue, purple, green, and pink. When choosing tie prints do not go crazier than the occasional paisley anything else is just too much for the office.
  5. You are judged from the feet up.
    When I meet a man the first thing I notice are the shoes he is wearing. You can ruin a great office look with those scuffed up “dress shoes” that you wore to your college graduation. Every man should own least one brown pair and one black pair of dress shoes.  In addition to owning them you should take special care of them because they are for everyday use. Take your dress shoes to a shoemaker for repairs  and to get them shined on a regular basis.  Men’s shoes can last a long time if they are well maintained.
  6. Do not listen to what anyone else tells you, your belt and shoes clashing is a big deal.brown-belt-with-black-shoesI absolutely hate to see a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa. It displays such carelessness. You just need to match your belt and shoes at all times. It looks crazy if you do otherwise (as the picture above plainly proves). It is a major style mistake, but it is so easy to avoid. When you buy your black pair and your brown pair buy 2 belts to match back to each pair. It is as simple as that.
  7. Casual Friday does not stand for “Dress like a bum Friday”

    fc66709e085077a05bc5a66b0195ffd0If you have the privilege of your company offering a casual Friday you should not take this as an excuse to wear you college sweatshirt, tattered jeans,, and the sneakers  you wear to the gym. You should appreciate the opportunity to wear jeans to the office, but remember to look presentable. You should never look more casual than pair of dark wash straight or skinny jeans, a button up, and a pair of oxfords or loafers. Anything less is way too casual for a work environment. Hoodies, tee shirts, and sneakers are never appropriate. The outfit you wear to go watch the game at the bar down the street with your boys is never appropriate. You are still at the office so you should put in the extra effort.

Men have it easier. It is easy to look great a daily basis if you follow a few simple rules.  I speak for all women when I say when it is done right it looks pretty darn good! Put a man in the right suit and he can conquer the boardroom.

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