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Labor Day Weekend Getaway Guide

First, let’s all take a moment of silence for summer. While Autumn technically does not begin until September 21st, we all know that after Labor Day summer is out of our system. The weather might be the same, it may still be just as light out when you leave your office, but the unofficial start of Fall is the day after Labor Day.

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to live it up summer style. For many, this means going on a weekend getaway.  It could be the last weekend at the house on the Jersey Shore,  the Hamptons, the Cape, or maybe even a tropical getaway. Three day weekends are a great time to get out the hustle and bustle of the city and lounge.

If you are going away this weekend here are a few essentials that you need:

Somersets Shaving Oil


This is the last weekend of summer. If you are not planning on showing off your legs you are doing it wrong!  Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil is perfect for this.  The aloe vera in the formula soothes and leaves skin refreshed and silky smooth. If you will be at a beach destination, then I would suggest also using Somersets Extra Delicate Antibacterial Shaving Oil. It is specially formulated for the bikini line. The tea tree oil in the formula helps to prevent inflammation and redness, and also functions as an antibacterial as the bikini area is prone to nicks and cuts. You will be ready to wear your shortest shorts and your tiniest bikini!

You can find both of these shaving oils at or!

Last Chance Summer Items

LastChanceSummerItemsLabor Day weekend is your last chance to wear certain summer items. There are some things that while the weather may permit it, the season does not. Unfortunately there are fabrics, colors, and prints that are true summer items. So, after Labor Day you need to put them away until next summer. A weekend getaway is the perfect time to get these summer items out of your system.

All of the items pictured above can be found at Lulu’s!

Bright Manicure & Pedicure

14577062_130508082033 (1)

Before you head out treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Choose the brightest color that you can find!  As soon you get home from your getaway you and both know you will want to paint your nails a super dark color. So, just for the weekend, go crazy! Choose a bold color in honor of the end of summer.

Get this awesome Essie color “More the Merrier” at Target!

Labor Day weekend is a fun time to relax and lounge. It marks the end of summer (unofficially). If you are going away this weekend be safe and have fun fashionistas!

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