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How to Achieve Game Day Cuteness


Fall is officially upon us. What comes with fall besides pumpkin spiced lattes and cute sweaters? Football season of course! Now if you are a girl like me then football season…well it does not mean much to you.

I am from New Jersey so I root for the New York Giants. They are close so it makes sense. I say Giants people take it at face value and accept based on proximity. Choose a team like the Dallas Cowboys and people expect there to be a reason behind it and it better be better than you thinking the quarterback is cute.   I get the main objective, but to be honest to me it is a bunch of men in awkwardly tight uniforms running up and down a field. So, to say I am not a loyal fan is not an understatement.

I may not be the biggest football fan, but that does not mean that I do not love to take part in the American past time. If you ask me a few beers, my best friends, and an exciting game is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Being the fashion lover that I am, there is never a day where looking like bum is acceptable or appropriate. Our male counterparts may roll out of bed and look decent, but as women we all know it just does not work like that for us.

There are two types game day cuties so I put together looks that fit your personalities.

The real football fan

Game Day

There is the rare girl who actually does love their home team. They never miss a game, they are screaming as loud as the guys when the team messes up a play, and most importantly they possess a deep knowledge of the sport. It might sound like a unicorn, but they exist!

Now, authentic team jerseys might look super cute on your boyfriend or that guy you have been casually dating, but on girls it is just a baggy mess. So, rather than looking like you are borrowing your dad’s clothing try one of the many cute graphic tee options out there for the stylish sports fan. Pair it with tight skinny jeans, booties, and complete the look with a moto jacket to give it a little edge.

  1. Giants V-Neck: $36.50- Victoria’s Secret
  2. Moto Jacket: $120.00- River Island
  3. Booties: $139.00- Lucky Brand
  4. Jeans: $19.95- H&M

I am just here for the beer

Game Day1

These are the girls who spot a sign for awesome drink specials that happen to fall on football Sunday. They text a bunch of their girlfriends who will gladly partake in the fun. Football Sunday is actually the perfect time to have girl bonding. Guys are way too focused on the game to pay us any mind. These girls need a casual look that says “I put in a little effort, but I am not too overdressed for this dive bar”.  Try pairing a print cardigan with a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans and booties.

  1. Print Cardigan: $55.00- Dorothy Perkins
  2. Basic Tank:  $7.95- H&M
  3. Boyfriend Jeans: $39.95- H&M
  4. Booties: $136.00- Topshop

Whether you are an avid football fan or the girl who just likes the drink specials there is never a reason not to look chic. Try the look that fits your personality. Enjoy game day this weekend fashionistas!

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