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Fall 2013 Bootie Report

While there will always be a place in my heart for riding boots, booties have definitely taken over.  Pair them with a jeans, a dress, shorts, you name it. They are an adorable addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Only problem is there are a lot of booties out there, so how is a girl to choose? Here are the booties you got to have this season. You do not necessarily need every pair, but you have got to have at least one!



Cut-out booties are great for this transitional time in the year where it is still warm, but just cold enough to wear booties.  Get these adorable booties at Topshop!

Tip:  When it gets a little too chilly to wear them on their own sock or tights are a totally appropriate pairing (and totally cute might I add)!



These booties were a huge hit for the past few seasons and are still here to stay. These are great for a casual weekend outing with the girls. They are comfortable and only get better after they are worn a few times. Get these booties at Nordstrom!

Tip:  If you want to get a bit of a grunge look try loosening up the shoelaces.

Stacked Heels


This is is probably the most popular bootie of the season. Stacked heels are a comfortable option that can really be worn almost everyday with a plethora of outfits. It could worn with a casual work look, a daytime date look, even to watch Sunday football! If you buy one pair of booties this season I would strongly recommend the stacked heel. There are so many options to choose from I doubt you will have trouble finding them. You can find these booties at Nordstrom!

Metallic Accents


Whether it is black, gold, or the occasional bronze metallic accent booties are a huge trend for the fall. The accents give an extra punch. An eye catching cap toe and bright buckle can take an outfit over the edge. Get these awesome booties at Lulu*s!

Tip: Try pairing metallic accent booties with a leather for no  other reason than the fact that it will look so cool ( half kidding).  Jokes aside, the combination of leather and metallic is edgy and on trend. So, you definitely need to try it!

These are definitely not the only booties out there, but these are my top picks! What kind of booties do you want for the fall?

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