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Gotta Have It: Vampy Lips


This fall/winter expect to see a ton of dark vampy lips in your travels. Whether it is a dark rich red, a deep purple or brown, a dark hue is so necessary. You can take this look from day to night.

When wearing a dark lip during the day I would suggest being minimalist with your eye makeup. If you are bringing this look out at night then it is definitely okay to play up your eye makeup a bit more.

Currently, my vampy lip color of choice is Sweet Succulence by MAC Cosmetics. It is a lipstick that goes on as sheen. I personally prefer it because I like dark colors to have a bit of shine. The only downside is you have reapply anytime you eat or drink.

If you like dark colors with a matte finish I would suggest Cyber by MAC Cosmetics. It is a deep matte purple. The color is so dark and dramatic that in a certain light it can look almost black. It really turns heads. It also requires less maintenance than the first color suggested. Due to its matte finish it has more long-wear capability.

Both colors are only $15.00 and can be purchased anywhere that sells MAC Cosmetics!

If these colors do not work out for you, the best thing to do is for you to do is to try and find the vampy color that works best for you. Do not miss this trend! It is an absolute beauty must this season!

Will you be trying a vampy color?

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