Open Toe: When is it Time to Go?


I am typically very strict when it comes to fashion rules. There is an unwritten rule that open toe shoes are reserved for the spring, summer, and EARLY fall. I have noticed something interesting this year though. Open toe shoes seem to be here to stay. I would not be lying when I say that I am a bit confused.

Fashion rules aside,  it is the sheer impracticality of it that really peeves me. On a day when it is below 60 degrees I am cold in pumps, add having my toes out and that to me is complete torture. It is actually the last thing I would think to wear.

Am I wrong though? Never have I seen so many open toe shoes still for sale in the stores and online boutiques. A perfect example is the screenshot of Lulu’s website below. Seven out of the eight heels pictured are open toe.

Open Toe

Now I am wondering, how hard of a fashion rule should this be? There are quite a few fall open toe options out there that look like they would be adorable to pair with a fall outfit. Is this crazy or are open toe shoes acceptable for all year long? I want to hear my readers think. Take the poll below and feel free to comment!

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