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5 Significant Facts about Lex

When I was pledging my sorority, part of the pledging process was to learn significant facts about each sister. These were little tidbits that told the story of who our future sisters were. It was mostly small things like Sister so-and-so does not like mayo or loves to eat sushi, but sometimes it is the littlest things that tell us who a person is.

Anyway, I decided it might be fun to give my readers a few significant facts about myself. I try to put a bit of myself in everything I write for the site, but at the end of the day you still do not truly know what makes me tick. So here are 5 significant fashion and beauty facts about moi!

  1. I never ever plan my outfits.
    Image via Hepburn Loves Givenchy

    It is a combination of laziness, disorganization, and spontaneity.  I could easily lay out an outfit before I go to bed, but why not live on the edge? It is no big deal that I am perpetually running late due to this practice.  The stress of not  picking an outfit until after I get out of the shower is probably cutting down years of my life, but one thing I have noticed is that the few days where I do plan out my outfit, it is too well thought out and I usually end up changing. I like feeling natural and effortless. So, excluding the fact that I am always running at least 10 minutes late and my room is a constant mess due to picking out said outfits last minute, I feel like on most days I love what I am wearing.

  2. I wear six coats of mascara on a daily basis
    Image via Live In Color Fashions
    Image via Live In Color Fashions

    Let’s just say that taking off my eye makeup is a very hard task. I have very long lashes so I like to play up my eyes. There have been times that people ask me if I am wearing falsies, which I find utterly ridiculous, but that is how long my lashes are if that tells you anything. Does playing up my long assets require so many coats of mascara? Probably not, but I do not see myself stopping this practice anytime soon. I just love when my lashes pop. Can’t stop won’t stop!

  3. I hate doing my own nails and am too lazy to get manicures most weeks

    Image via Style It Girl
    Image via Style It Girl

    End result? Chipped or bare nails on most days. I hate myself for it because I love a fresh manicure, but honestly nails are the biggest pain in the butt to maintain unless you are doing gel or acrylics. I have done both, but I hate taking them off and how my nails feel after. I am hoping that eventually I get a little more discipline, because I do believe in the importance of a manicure, but only time will tell.

    Current status of nails: Chipped (welp what can ya do?)

  4. I haven’t worn heels lower than 5+ inches since the year 2010
    Image via Lolita Abraham Fashion
    Image via Lolita Abraham Fashion

    Before that it was 4.5 inches and that is only because five inches were not as readily available for purchase at affordable prices. There are two reasons for me wearing sky high heels. One reason is because I am short. Not abnormally short, but this 5’2 girl is not going to be compared to any supermodels any time soon. The other reason is because I have tall friends. In five inches I am still a lot shorter than them when we are all wearing heels,  but anything lower and the height difference just looks like a joke.

  5. I am trend conscious, but not fashion adventurous.
    Image via Pinterest
    Image via Pinterest

    I will be the first to admit that I am no trendsetter.  I love fashion and I love to follow trends, but there are very few times where people turns their heads and say “What in the world is she wearing?”. I know what looks good on me and mold the current trends to my personal style. With every new trend, I need to see it worn and worn well before I try it. Just because Vogue declares plaid tutus the look of the season that does not mean that I will go out and buy one.  I need to see a fashionista slay in that plaid tutu before it is even considered. Very rarely am I a risk taker. If I second guess something one bit, I do not wear it. I would love to be a bit more adventurous, but it kind of goes against the grain of my personality in general.

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