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14 Girl Moments That Still Make You Say “Seriously?!” in 2014

As girls, we all know that we have those moments that makes us say “Seriously?!”. You know those moments that only girls will understand? Here are 14 girl moments that will still make you say “Seriously?!” this year:

  1. When you are running late, pull up a pair of tights and notice there is a run is a very obvious area. Seriously?!
  2. When you go get manicure, think your nails are completely dry, dip into your bag to grab your cell, and BAM huge smudge. Of course you are way too far from the nail salon to turn back and get it fixed. Seriously?!
  3. When you are putting eyeliner on your top lid, you do one eye that is perfection, and then when you go to do your other eye the line is super thick. You are then forced to make the other eye just as thick or start over. Seriously?!
  4. When you have a perfect outfit in mind that requires one key compontent like that black tank top that gives you really good cleavage. You pull everything you need, but that black top is no where to be found, making you reconsider the outfit entirely. Seriously?!
  5. When you do your hair and it is Pantene commercial gorgeous, but whoops you didn’t check the weather report. Rain. By, the time you get to work, your hair in more like Anne Hathaway at the beginning of Princess Diaries.Seriously?!
  6. When you wear your heels out for the first time and wake up the next morning only to find a huge scuff on the side.Seriously?!
  7. When you wear lipstick, look in the mirror and see lipstick on your teeth. How long has it been there?? I talked to 5 people this morning why didn’t anyone mention it? Seriously?!
  8. When you order something online, it finally comes, you tear open the box with glee, and then it is not what you expected (fit, color, etc)…Seriously?!
  9. When you wear your “comfortable” heels out for girls night out and an hour in your feet are in excruciating pain. So, you will need to either go home early or dance (or drink) the pain away… Seriously?!
  10. When you do your hair and you have that one fly away that no serum, hairspray, gel, or mousse can tame.Seriously?!
  11. When you try your favorite pair of jeans, get them all the way up, even get the zipper up, but then you go to button them…nope not happening. Seriously?!
  12. When you wash that cute sweater the first time, plan an entire outfit around it, pull it on, and notice a tiny hole. Ugh,  guess it was on sale for a reason! Seriously?!
    Octopus Sweater
  13. When your attempt at contouring your cheeks is more Ru Paul than Kim Kardashian. Seriously?!
    Ru Paul
  14. When you are wearing an outfit that you are very happy with and that one judgy friend winces her face and says “I don’t know”. Who died and made you fashion police? Seriously?!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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