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Aéropostale Launches Exclusive Pretty Little Liars Collection

Get excited Pretty Little Liars fans, Aéropostale has a collection especially for you and it hit stores today! The brand collaborated with the show’s costume designer, Mandi Line, to design a line the fans have been craving since the series creation.  Everyone who watches Pretty Little Liars knows that Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer each have their own distinct and memorable style. The Pretty Little Liars by Aéropostale collection features looks that are tailored to each character. Now fans can dress exactly like their favorite. Check out the looks that are now available online and in store below!

Get the look here!

Get the look here!

pAERO1-16930410_outfit_t382x651Get the look here!

pAERO1-17015799_outfit_t382x651Get the look here!

This is not all the line has in store! There are more looks set to launch from February 2nd through March 16th. Check them out in the gallery below!

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