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Beauty Tip: Makeup for Glasses


I remember the day like yesterday. I was eight years old. My father took me to the eye doctor. He tells me to read the bottom line of the eye chart and I squinted to read it like it was the test of a lifetime. Then the doctor asked me if I have trouble seeing the chalkboard in school.

Sheepishly, I said “Yes”. I knew by answering in the affirmative I , a super skinny and shy girl, would have yet another thing to make me self-conscious and awkward.

As the years progressed my eyes only got worse. Each trip to the eye doctor lead to me getting a higher prescription. By sixth grade (my most awkward year), I was at full blown coke bottle glasses status.

Coke-bottle glasses: Prescription eyeglasses with very thick/heavy lenses, like the infamous “forest-fire-starter” curved lens-like bottoms on heavy-walled Coca-cola soft-drink bottles.

At that point I starting counting down the days until my parents would let my get contact lenses. Finally in my freshman year of high school I got fit for lenses. My confidence sky-rocketed instantly. It was actually quite astonishing how quickly it happened looking back.

Anyone who wears contacts knows that from time to time we have to wear our glasses. This could be due to eye infections, irritation, or simply your eyes needing a break. In high school and college, any time I had to wear my glasses; I instantly reverted back to that awkward girl.

Flash forward to age 24, I still do not like wearing glasses, but I figured out a way to make it work when I need to wear them! With glasses being a fashion staple now, I have even started to think of them as an occasional accessory (strong emphasis on occasional).

Here are some makeup tips for glasses wearers:

  1. Play up your eyes

    Image Via Obaz
    Image Via Obaz

    The one thing that glasses automatically do is hide your eyes. The makeup you normally wear is not enough to really show off how beautiful your eyes are. Try a nude smoke eye like the one pictured above to really make your eyes pop. It might be too dramatic for when you are glasses free, but with glasses on itis just the ticket for looking gorgeous.

  2. Highlight your cheeks

    Image via Beatylish
    Image via Beatylish

    Another thing that glasses hide are you cheeks. By putting in a little extra highlighting and contouring you will really accentuate your cheekbones. Glasses will look so chic with your perfect cheekbones.

  3. Wear a bold lip

    Image via Makeup for Your Day
    Image via Makeup for Your Day

    Glasses do not do anything to your lips, but wearing a bold lipstick make the glasses look like more a statement piece than a necessity. At the end of the day, this is is the look  you should be going for. The bolder the lip color the better. It screams fashionista and not “I slept in my contacts last night”.

Honorable Mention: Wear glasses with confidence. You are only as awkward as you make yourself. If you wear your glasses proudly and embrace them as an accessory I guarantee you get a compliment (maybe even a few!).
xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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  1. Thank you! Not just for the great tips but for also posting a picture actually wearing prescription glasses. I’m so tired of all those make up tips for prescription glasses featuring models wearing glasses with no prescription.

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