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Girly Girls at the Superbowl

ce3693839400f1ceab6bfca9007d5db0I am sure it will not come as a surprise to anyone that the Superbowl is literally the only time of year that I watch a sporting event through and through. Whenever a guy asks if I like sports, I giggle and say, “Not really…” because if I said anything else I would be lying. DEAD LYING. So, what is a girly to do at one of the biggest sporting events of the year?

Here are the rules for girly girls at the Superbowl:

Do not wear heels.


Just stop it! This a football game at your local sports bar. Where do you think you are? Fashion Week starts next Thursday.I will accept a pair of boots or booties with a low heel, but once you are wearing a full blown pump you are out of your mind. Not to mention, have you ever tried getting a seat at a bar during the Superbowl? Not likely.
Skip the heels and go comfortably. You will thank me later fashionistas!

Do not overdo it with the makeup

taylor_momsen_raccoon_eyesHeavy eye makeup, bold lipstick, and/or super contoured cheeks should be reserved for the Saturday prior to Superbowl Sunday. I’m going to say something mean, so forgive me in advance.No one is looking at you. I am sure you have watched a sporting event with a guy friend, boyfriend, etc. Tell me, how easy was it to get his attention? Even just to ask a simple question? Now this is one of the biggest games of the year. Do you really think he is paying attention to how pretty you look? Maybe during a commercial break, but even then probably not. It is the Superbowl! Companies are not shelling out millions of dollars because people do not like to watch the commercials.
Do subtle makeup that shows off your beauty, but does not come off like you are trying too hard. Not sure what to do? Check out my everyday makeup tips here!

Wear a comfy (not frumpy) outfit.


Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and cute in. Comfort does not need to equate to frumpy.  So, you can still look nice without looking overdressed.Try pairing a cropped sweater with a pair of boyfriend jeans and booties. Do not use a clutch or bag you have to hold on your forearm. Keep your hands free for cold beer, wings, and your iPhone for those Instagram pictures you know you are going to want to take!
Check out where to get the items from the featured outfit below:

Cropped Sweater: $32.80- Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans: $49.95- H&M
Cross Body Bag: $50.00- Topshop
Booties: $149.95- Steve Madden

Choose a team to root for!

It is so much more fun to watch a game when you have a vested interest. Who cares what your reasoning is. Maybe you think the QB of one team is cute. Maybe you like the team colors of one team over the other. Let’s hope a better we can come up with better reasons than those though!All I know is that the game will essentially be a group of men running from one end of the field to the other for hours on end if you could care less who wins. I have tried it that way and it is never fun.
So, pick a team to cheer for. Who knows, maybe you will meet a cute guy who is cheering along for the same team! *Fingers crossed for you*

Happy game day fashionistas!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture



  1. Love this !! My friends and I live in the city now and this is going to be our first year in nyc for the Super Bowl and we’re really excited! However, we we’re contemplating and trying to figure out what to wear but now I have a good idea, thanks !
    Great blog !!

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