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Kendall Jenner Officially Surpasses Kardashian Sisters as Fashion Icon

kendall-jenner-anna-wintourMost fashionistas needed to pick their jaws off the floor when they saw 18 year old Kendall Jenner sitting pretty next to THE Anna Wintour like it was no big deal at the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week on Sunday. They chatted about their flights being diverted to Newcastle like two old girlfriends. No biggie.


We all were still recovering from her walking the highly anticipated Marc Jacobs show last Thursday. No one knew it was coming so it is safe to say that we all were taken aback when she fiercely strutted down the runway like a seasoned model.


Ms. Jenner was not in London just to chat with Anna Wintour about flights though. She walked the Giles Autumn/Winter show with model heavyweights such as  Cara Delevingne yesterday. 

It is obviously up for debate which Kardashian sister has the best sense of style. Depending on your personal taste it is completely subjective. Who has most successfully engraved themselves in the high fashion world though?

That is hands down Kendall Jenner. Just one fashion week season has sky-rocketed her from PacSun cutie to high fashion style icon.

The fashion world has our eyes on you Kendall, how are you going to shock us next?

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  1. I’m actually excited to see her modeling career boom. I’ve seen some of her work, and she’s a really good model.

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