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Birkenstock Makes Its Return

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal- $119.90
Birkenstock Arizona Sandal- $119.90

Oh hey Birkenstock! It’s been a while. The shoe that was a staple in many millennial’s wardrobe in high school has made a triumphant return. Which begs the question, how do we feel about this?

Image via The Man Repeller
Image via The Man Repeller

In terms of practicality, these shoes are an ideal casual summer sandal. Comfortable sole, arch support, and durability. The absolute trifecta.

Image via Ra Ra PR

Practicality aside, Birkenstock sandals are the summer equivalent of Ugg Boots. Comfortable as can be and ugly as sin. So, with all of the cute sandals options available to us, one question comes to mind. Are these comfy sandals really worth it or should we leave them in back in the early 2000s?

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