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Poll: Would You Wear the Sheer Bottom Trend?

Burberry Prosum- Spring 2014 | Photo: New Fashionz
Burberry Prosum- Spring 2014| Photo: Mommy Chic by Jessica

The sheer trend has been popping on the runway and on many celebrities. Very bold fashionistas have decided to forego wearing anything underneath their sheer skirts and dresses. Body suits and high waisted panties have been on full display.

Photo: Handbag,.com
Photo: Handbag,.com

Which begs the question— is what is okay for Jennifer Lawrence okay for us? Can I hop on the subway on my way out for a night out on the town in a sheer black skirt and high waisted black panties with no judgement?

Champagne and Stliettos
Photo: Champagne and Stliettos

Considering the fact that in New York City no one bats an eyelash when they see a man painted copper head to toe playing a country song on his banjo, I could probably escape some judgmental stares. That does not mean that there will not be that one girl who looks at me then turns to her girlfriend and says “Do you see what that girl is wearing? She’s in her underwear!”

So, do we make the bold choice to go out in our undies or do we leave that for the celebrities who are chauffeured to their glamorous outings? Take the poll below!

If you are going to make the bold fashion choice—here is a sheer bottom for you to try out!

Dirty Ballerina Mesh A-line Skirt: $23.98
Dirty Ballerina Mesh A-line Skirt: $23.98

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