Guy Style 101

Guy Style 101: It’s All About the Shoes Dude

Wingtip Combat Boots
Photo: Thomas Gust Tumblr

When I was in college, I dated this guy. He was a relatively nice music composition major and I was “in love”. From the minute I met him I noticed one little thing. He wore running sneakers pretty much everywhere we went. I tried with all my might to look past it, but we dated for nearly a year and it never stopped bothering me. Was this the cause of our break-up? Obviously not, but I will admit that shoes are and will be very important to me.

Photo: Let's Risk It Tumblr
Photo: Let’s Risk It Tumblr

When I see a guy on the street, at the bar, on a date etc. the first thing I do is look at his feet. Why do I look at his feet? A man’s taste in footwear says a lot about him. A man in pair of Salvatorre Ferragamo wingtip oxfords is a man who knows something about style. If you care what is on your feet it is safe to say that the rest of your style follows suit. It is also shows that you are a man who takes pride in his appearance. 

Photo: Details Magazine Blog
Photo: Details Magazine Blog

A man in a pair of square toe dress shoes is probably a man who wears baggy suits on weekdays and bootleg True Religion jeans and Affliction tee shirts on the weekends.  To be clear, this look has not been okay since at LEAST 2008. Not okay.

Take pride in your appearance, stay on trend, and burn those square toe shoes if you have them. Your shoes say a lot about you. What message are you sending?

Check out the 4 shoes that every guy should have in his closet below:


Photo: Stay Classic
Photo: Stay Classic

Classic and timeless— the oxford is the perfect go to shoe for any look.


Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

If you feel like going lace-free these classy shoes make any outfit look tailored and well put together.

Lace-up Boots

Photo: I Am Galla
Photo: I Am Galla

To add a little edge to your casual look, throw on a pair of lace up boots.


Phot: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

The style of sneaker can be left at your discretion*,  but every guy should at least one pair of go-to sneakers.

*Just remember, running shoes should only be worn at the gym or when you’re actually running…

Shop these shoe looks:

Cole Haan Madison
Cole Haan: $198.00
Prada: $680.00
Prada: $680.00
John Varvatos: $399.95
Adidas: $74.99
Adidas: $74.99




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