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How To Achieve Crop Top Perfection

Photo: Fashion Bomb Daily
Photo: Fashion Bomb Daily

The crop trend is not going to slow down any time soon. Whether you are at the club, headed to brunch, or spending a day lounging in the park— it has become abundantly clear that a crop top is appropriate for almost every occasion….except church, please do not wear a crop top to church!

No matter what your body type is, there is way for everyone to pull off a crop top and look fabulous while doing it. You just need to know what is flattering on your body. Whether you have a straight shape, curvy, or somewhere in between there are three rules that every crop top wearing girl should follow. See below:

The Rules of the Crop Top

1. Less is always more.

Photo: Zimbio
Photo: Zimbio

A small sliver of skin goes a much longer way than letting it all hang out. Even if you have abs of steel like Rihanna, that does not mean that you should leave so little to the imagination. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it is much sexier to give a preview than show the whole thing. The rule of thumb is if your belly button is out, you are doing too much. High waisted pairings are your best friend every time.

2. Balance is key.

Photo: My Daily
Photo: My Daily

For a daytime crop top look it is important to keep balance in mind. If you want to wear a tight pencil skirt, a looser fitting crop top is the best pairing. If you are wearing a looser fitting a-line, skater, or full skirt, balance things out with a tight crop top. You do not want to look too sexy or too frumpy. Balance is everything.

There are of course exceptions to every rule. So, if you are wearing a crop on a night out, then a look like the one Kim K. is rocking above is completely appropriate!

3. Stay in your comfort zone


The best accessory a girl can wear is confidence. Do not wear a crop top that you do not feel comfortable in. Show as much or little skin as you want to, just make sure that when you leave the house you feel 100% ready to take on the world. The last thing you ever want to feel is self conscious.

Here’s how an easy crop top look you can achieve right away! (P.S.- It looks great on a every body type!)

CropTop_FullSkirt1. H&M: $5.95 | 2. Topshop: $90.00 | 3. Charlotte Russe: $22.50 |
4. BCBG: $46.24 | 5. Asos: $22.86

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