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1 Chambray Shirt: 5 Ways to Wear It

Photo: The Courtney Kerr
Photo: The Courtney Kerr

A chambray shirt is one of the best investments a girl can add to her closet. Tie it, tuck it, or wear it loose, the possibilities are endless. Buying one chambray shirt gives you so many outfit options it could make your head spin.

You really need to stop what you are doing and go buy a chambray  shirt right now. Not convinced? Check out this chambray shirt from Aeropostale and 5 ways to wear it below.

Aeropostale: $32.70
Aeropostale: $32.70

Layer Over Maxi Dress

Chambray_Maxi Dress
Photo: Perfectly Disheveled

Maxi Dress | H&M: $24.95

Tuck Into High Waist Shorts

Photo: Grasie Mercedes
Photo: Grasie Mercedes

Shorts | Forever 21: $15.80

Pair With Trousers

Photo: Dancing Above Marvelous Tumblr
Photo: Dancing Above Marvelous Tumblr

Trousers | Forever 21: $17.80

Balance Out A Flirty Skater Skirt

Photo: All For Fashion Design
Photo: All For Fashion Design

Skater Skirt | Boohoo: $16.00

Add Structure To A Sheer Printed Maxi Skirt


Maxi Skirt | Blu Pepper: $34.00

The best part about chambray? It is so easy to find. If you are not feeling the wash pictured above, I guarantee almost any major retailer you walk into will have at least a few chambray options to choose from. If you are still not convinced we admire your will power. Power to you, we are going to be rocking our chambray.

Get up and go get that chambray shirt fashionistas, right meow!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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