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That Awkward Moment When Allure Calls Lauren Conrad “Basic”


A major publication like Allure has to know that on occasion a celebrity or two may hit the newsstands (or have their personal assistant do it) and grab the magazine. So, before you decide to go as far as calling out a style icon on their personal style, you should probably check your subscriber list! You also should keep track of who you have featured as a cover girl (TWICE!). Awkward!

Every girl knows there is a VERY negative connotation with the word “basic”. There are many things that we want to be in life, but a basic b*tch is not one of them. Here is the Lex Loves Couture definition of basic:

Basic B*tch
A simple girl whose interests, personal style, and/or hobbies lack originality. She likes what everyone else likes and typically waits for all of her friends to like something before she is willing to give it a try.

Lauren Conrad is a trendsetter and anything but basic. She may attract a few “basic” imitators, but her style is completely unique and original. For example, those “sausage curls” that Allure is referring were actually originated by LC. Anyone who is a fan of The OC, The Hills, and beyond knows that the Lauren was always ahead of the trends not behind. She is a fashion designer for goodness sake!

Lauren’s style may not be edgy, but we need to learn how to appreciate classic feminine style. It is not basic. There is a huge difference between the two.  Not okay Allure. Not. Okay.

Check out the gallery below of LC’s not-so-basic style:

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