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The Return of the Scrunchie in 2014

Photo: Witty and Pretty
Photo: Witty and Pretty

Every girl who can remember the 1980’s and/or the 1990’s can remember the scrunchie. There was a point where it shifted from trend to faux pas in the mid-90s. It can only be assumed that everyone collectively realized that maybe you did not need to make such a loud statement when your hair was in a ponytail.

Photo: Huffington Post
Photo: Huffington Post

We also all came to the realization that scrunchies are just a little tacky and maybe just maybe just a little ugly. A true Sex and the City fan can recall the episode when Carrie made the fatal mistake of criticizing Berger’s novel for having its leading lady running around New York City with a scrunchie, essentially making the argument that NO chic city girl would ever be caught dead rocking a scrunchie.

Up until recently, we all could not help but agree with Carrie and her sentiments. Well, it appears that 2014 is the year the scrunchie will be making its triumphant return.

Selena Gomez_scrunchie
Photo: Look Magazine

What’s the difference between the 80s/90s girl’s scrunchie and the scrunchie of the millennial? Feathered hair and a sloppy side ponytail has been replaced with a sleek ponytail or topknot.

Photo: Self Magazine

Though very reminiscent of less tasteful days, the scrunchie has the Lex Loves Couture stamp of approval. When worn with a neat hairstyle, the scrunchie can be a very fun accessory! Tread lightly, but do not dismiss the trend altogether. This is not your mom’s scrunchie.

Photo: Self Magazine

Here are 5 fun pieces to add to your new scrunchie collection!

Marc by Marc Jacobs| $32.00
Marc by Marc Jacobs | $32.00
River Island | $10.00
River Island | $10.00
Forever 21 | $1.80
Forever 21 | $1.80
Topshop | $15.00
American Apparel | $6.00
American Apparel | $6.00

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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