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3 Things Every Fashion Girl Thinks About Now That It Is August

Photo: Style Blazer

Happy August fashionistas! We are officially one month away from the unofficial start of fall (Labor Day). It is unclear why, but as soon as August hits our fashion mindset changes. The weather is the same, the clothes do not change much, but all of sudden all we can think about is fall.

Why? Well, every fashion girl knows that fall is fashion gold. Spring/summer fashion is cute, but fall fashion is serious business. We love the summertime and do not want it to end, but we are dying to get into those fall clothes all the stores are taunting us with.

When August hits, these are the three things us fashion girls immediately start to think about…

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather (2)
Photo: The Fashion Tag

We complained all winter long about how cold it was (especially this winter), but for some inexplicable reason when August hits we cannot get rid of that feeling of wanting  to break out a sweater. How could we not? Every store we go into has all the chunky knits our heart can desire. We do not want the summer to end, but we all wouldn’t mind just a little sweater weather as well. We know we are crazy and are completely okay with it.

H&M | $19.95
H&M | $19.95

Dark Colors

Photo: Elle
Photo: Elle

Summer brights are awesome, but after a while it gets a little old. We have been wearing bright colors since at least April. So, by the time August rolls around rich reds, deep purples, and the even the occasional grey is a lot more appealing than a bright yellow, coral, or blue.

This is especially true in reference to lipstick and nail polish. You can only paint your nails mint green or bright pink so many times before you are completely over it. Bright lips are so much fun, but a bold dark lip makes such a dramatic statement.

Deborah Lippman Dark Side of the Moon | $18.00
Deborah Lippman Dark Side of the Moon | $18.00
Nars Train Bleu | $25.00
Nars Train Bleu | $25.00

September Issues

Photo: Vogue

Not to make this into a big deal, but the September issue of any fashion magazine is LITERALLY the most important issue of the entire year. The Vogue September issue is of course at the top of list. Basically, every major fall trend is laid out for you. It twice of the size of a normal issue and gives every fashion girl a natural high when it arrives in the mail or when she picks it up from the newsstand. Yes, it is that important. No, this is not an exaggeration.

With all that being said,  please try to enjoy the remainder of the summer fashionistas! We totally get your desire to speed things up to fall, but it is only August 1st after all.

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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