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How I Date Like I Shop

Olivia Palermo Shopping

When it comes to shopping I can be one of two ways. I am either walking into the store because I feel like a wardrobe refresher or I am honing in on one item like a missile.


There are some days I just feel like buying something new to wear out that night or to work the next day. These are typically frivolous buys that I wear once and quite honestly forget about until I am sorting my next load of laundry. That random top I got from Forever 21 is no game changer. It was just a piece of a very cute outfit I wore that other night.


On the flip side, there are times I spot a great bag or a gorgeous pair of shoes that is slightly out my non-existent shopping budget. From that moment all I know is that I need to have them. I think about all the amazing ways they will up the ante on my wardrobe. I imagine all the outfits that bag would compliment or how those shoes could take my next #OOTD over the edge. Eventually (if my rent is paid and I know I will be able to sufficiently feed myself) I buckle and make the splurge.

Note: The latter typically only happens one or two times a season. Thank god, my wallet could not handle it happening more than that.


When it comes to dating post-college, my attitude is very similar to the way I shop. Sometimes, it is a Tuesday and I would rather have a few drinks and stimulating conversation than lay in bed watching re-runs of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix. Do I care if the date goes well or if he texts me after? Not particularly.


On the other hand, sometimes I go on one of my “It’s Tuesday and I’m bored” dates and the guy really surprises me. I realize he gets my sarcastic humor and knows it comes from a witty place and not a bitchy place. He could want the same type of ending after we are done with the single life. Sometimes it is simply him taking an actual interest in Lex Loves Couture and its potential rather than saying something condescending like “Oh so it’s just like a blog right?”. PS- No sir, it not just like a blog…


When I meet the guy who takes me by surprise, suddenly I start seeing potential. Which in my opinion is the worst possible thing to happen to a girl. Am I saying it is better to be a cynic when it comes to dating? Not exactly, but it much better than being a cock-eyed optimist.

If I start to see potential I start to let my guard down. I open myself up to the possibilities of where this non-relationship could go. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but potential does not mean there is a guarantee of success.

Suddenly, this “potential” makes me lose interest in meeting other people. In the worst case scenario, this “potential” occasionally has me choosing a date over a night out with my friends. That is just not okay.


When it comes to dating it is better to be the girl who is just heading to store in hopes of finding something new with no expectations. It is cheap and if you only wear it once you really do not care. When you place all these high hopes on that splurge, you only set yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes those coveted booties are not even real leather (brand shall remain nameless)! It is a thing that is easier said than done, but we should definitely try single fashionistas!

Does your dating and shopping style correlate? Sound off below fashionistas!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture


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