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How to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall (In Steps)

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Labor Day weekend is over! Le sigh. Though summer does not officially end until later this month, every fashionista knows that fall comes into effect right now. One thing that the September issue of magazines do not take into account is the fact that it still is not cold yet. Therefore, wearing those adorable fall items featured is simply not feasible.

It is still warm so it tempting to keep the summer style going, but there are ways to avoid this without inducing heat stroke in the process.

Step 1: Store your summer clothes…most of them.

The day after Labor Day does not mean that there is a sudden drop in temperature. It is very rare that Monday is 90 degrees and then Tuesday is a mild 65 degree day. You could even say that it never happens. Typically, it does not start to get chilly until at least mid-September. So, swapping out your sundresses for sweaters and wool skirts is premature. There are some items that can items that you can hold off on storing while there are others that you should put away until next year.

What to Store
Photo: All Women Stalk
Photo: All Women Stalk
  • White bottoms: White shorts, skirts, pants, etc, are no longer appropriate after Labor Day. Some may dispute this, but this is Lex Loves Couture’s unwavering stance.
  • Bright colors: Neons and pastels are true spring/summer colors. You do not need to shift your wardrobe to shades of grey, but it is definitely the time to start wearing warm mustard yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds. Keep the color, just shift the perspective.

You will find that by storing items based on color, you will really clean up your wardrobe for early fall.

What to Keep
Fall Transition_Keep
Photo: Style Hawk
  • Denim Shorts: You do not need to put these babies away until your legs are too cold to rock them. They are perfect to pair with a sweater, a blazer, and even a leather jacket when the weather permits.
  • Rompers/Sundresses: Neutrally colored rompers and/or sundresses (black, grey, tan, brown, etc) are great for the fall. Layer them with a cardigan and add a touch of fall with booties or riding boots. Same rule applies as with the denim shorts above.
  • Jumpsuits: If the color and print permit, jumpsuits can be worn straight the fall.
  • Sandals/Open Toe Heels: As long as the weather is warm, it is completely acceptable to wear open toe shoes.

Step 2: Go through your fall wardrobe and pull out weather appropriate items (in intervals)

The big mistake that people make is transitioning their wardrobe between seasons in one quick swoop. The less time consuming and more efficient route is to do it is small parts. Make the transition solely based on the temperature.

75° and Below
Fall Transition_74 Degree
Photo: The Vegan Voguette
  • Light Sweaters
  • Blazers (not wool)
  • Booties
65° and Below
Photo: My Neon Rock
Photo: My Neon Rock
  • Leather Jacket
  • Chunky Knits
  • Leather pants/skirt
  • Over-the-knee socks
  • Riding Boots
55° and Below
Photo: Photobucket
Photo: Photobucket
  • Wool Coats and other cold weather items (scarves, gloves, etc)
  • Tights- You will be wearing these for long time so hold off as long as you can!
  • Wool pants, dresses, skirts, etc
  • Fur/faux fur items

P.S.- Let’s hope we are a ways away from 55 degrees!

Step 3: Figure out where the holes are in  your fall wardrobe

Photo: Gallery Hip
Photo: Gallery Hip

This is a way to avoid wasting money and buying something that you do not need. Based on thee current trends, see if there is a void in your wardrobe. If you have a plaid skirt from last season, there is no need to buy another one this season. This keeps your money open for buying something that you actually need.

Step 4: Do not buy anything that you cannot wear right away

Photo: Daily Mail
Photo: Daily Mail

The stores will be filled with great fall items. It will be very tempting to shop, but buying something that you cannot wear for  two months is a waste. If you cannot wear something literally tomorrow put it down. Unless you spot something that is an investment into your wardrobe (i.e. leather jacket or wool coat), you probably can hold off getting that item. Using this week as an example, though it may feel like it that sweater is the sweater to end all sweaters, we are the middle of a heat wave. You cannot wear that sweater tomorrow.

Fall transition can be tricky, but if you follow these steps you will definitely be going in the right direction.

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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